Getting Started with a First Aid Systainer

Getting Started with a First Aid Systainer
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The sells a custom, red, first-aid systainer that I’m quite happy with. The package comes with stickers, or you can design them yourself as I’ve done. However, the systainer does not come with any contents inside, and it is tricky to figure out what to buy, and how much can fit. I thought it would be helpful if I did some of the trial and error for you.

So, What Fits?

Important I’m not a medical professional, and this is not medical advice.

While trying to figure out what to buy, I stumbled across this Build Your Own Kit article on Gizmodo. It’s probably the best break down of the types of injuries, and what you may want to consider buying for those injuries. Then, given the limited space of a systainer, I filtered down the list some more.

Here’s what I came up with:

QuickClot Gauze
QuickClot Gauze

Buy on Amazon$20

And here is the breakdown of the items, quantities and sizes:

Finally, not pictured, is the QuickClot Gauze. It doesn’t quite fit in the systainer, but it can be laid on top and the systainer will still shut.


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